Top Ten Tuesday Wall All About Paul McCartney!

Paul McCartney is coming to town this summer, and KOOL-FM has your tickets!  Keep listening to win them!  We celebrated by playing the Top Ten KOOLest songs by Paul!

If you missed any, here’s how things went…

6am    #10     Uncle Albert-Admiral Halsey

Albert was Albert Kendall, who married Paul’s aunt Milly (becoming “Uncle Albert”) and provided inspiration for part of the song. Albert had a habit of getting drunk and reading from The Bible; the only time he read from the Bible was when he was drinking. It was also Paul’s first #1 hit as a solo artist.

7am    #9       Say Say Say

This was the second duet between McCartney and Jackson. The first, “The Girl Is Mine,” appeared on Jackson’s album Thriller. “Say, Say, Say” appeared on McCartney’s album.

8am    #8       Let ‘Em In

On July 4th 1976, the nation was celebrating the bi-centennial. It was the same day that this song hit the charts!

9am    #7       With A Little Luck

Paul recorded this aboard a yacht while cruising around the Virgin Islands, and it was one of the first times that he had used synthesizers.

10am#6       Jet

Paul explained in a 2010 TV interview that Jet was the name of a pony he had owned.

11am#5       Live & Let Die

It was the title song for the 8th James Bond film. It was the first to star Roger Moore as Bond. Wings drummer Denny Seiwell said he watched Paul sit down at the piano and then said, ‘James Bond… James Bond… da-da-dum!’, and within 10 minutes, he had written the song.

12pm#4       Maybe I’m Amazed

Paul dedicated the song to his wife, Linda, who had helped him get through the break-up of The Beatles.

1pm   #3       Band On The Run

Paul told Melody Maker: “The basic idea about the band on the run is a kind of prison escape. At the beginning of the album the guy is stuck inside four walls, and eventually breaks out. There is a thread, but it’s not a concept album.”

Asked if this was a reference to Wings escaping from The Beatles, he replied: “Sort of – yeah. I think most bands on tour are on the run.”

2pm   #2       Listen To What The Man Said

The kiss sound effect was provided by Linda!

1pm   #1       Silly Love Songs

Paul wrote this in response to a post-Beatles breakup comment by John Lennon, in which Lennon claimed that the only songs that Paul wrote for the Beatles were “Silly Love Songs.”


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