TMZ released an audio clip this week that has thousands furious!

The audio included Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling talking to his girlfriend and asking her “do not publicly show that you hang out with black people”. He even stated that he did not want her to bring them to his games.

After this audio was released it got everyone so mad that even the Clippers players made a stand and refused to wear their Clippers jerseys. Just before their playoff game against the Golden State Warriors this Sunday, the team decided to gathered at center court, take off their warmup jerseys and throw them on the ground. They continued to warm-up as usual, however they wore their shirts inside out  to ensure that no Clippers logo was seen.

Following the game, the L.A. Clippers coach talked about how the team is managing with this story:

President Obama even brought up Donald Sterling’s phone calls to reporters in Malaysia during his diplomatic mission. Obama stated that Donald Sterling’s remarks were an example of how “the United States continues to wrestle with the legacy of race and slavery and segregation.”

Will the Clippers recover from this?


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