Rumors are spreading like wild fire in the AC/DC world. Is the band breaking up? Are they working on new music? Depending on which music publication you read, there doesn’t seem to be any concrete answers and the band isn’t talking either. Here’s a breakdown of the reports.

The Australian rockers are back in Australia and in a radio interview, entertainment commentator Peter Ford reports that founding guitarist Malcolm Young has returned to Australia to live with his family and for “his own personal reasons he may not want to continue to perform with the band.” Speculation includes a terminal illness, but nothing has been confirmed as of press time.

The band members also allegedly have a pact that no one else will join the group if one decides to quit. So when somebody leaves, the group will end. None of the members have spoken out about a possible hiatus or breakup, though.

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When reached out to the band’s label via email, they replied with a quick “No statement coming at this time.”


— Annie Reuter, 


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