This can’t be the guy John Lennon had in mind when he wrote “Doctor Robert”.

We’ve written in the past about Dr. Michael Zuk, the Canadian dentist who bought one of John’s teeth at an auction for over $30,000. He has already said he wants to clone the legendary former Beatle, but now he has even bigger plans: he wants to raise the clone as his own child, and claim Lennon’s DNA as his property.

Dr. Zuk called Karlson & McKenzie on 100.7 WZLX in Boston soon after buying the tooth, and told them he was thinking about “putting it in a vault and just leaving it there”. What a difference three years makes.

Dr. Zuk recently told TV host Mark Evans, who hosts a show in the U.K. called Dead Famous DNA, that “If there is enough DNA to sequence it, it could be basically genetic real estate.”

He added: “My goal is to own John Lennon’s DNA.”

The real trick here is how he would raise a cloned John Lennon and just expect him to become the same musical genius who inspired generations. Dr. Zuk seems to believe it’s possible – he just needs to be a good parent.

“He would still be his exact duplicate but you know, hopefully keep him away from drugs and cigarettes, that kind of thing,” he said. “But you know, guitar lessons wouldn’t hurt anyone right?”

He even says he would try cloning John multiple times, if it didn’t work at first.

But Dr. Zuk may have given away his true intentions when asked about the value of “owning” Lennon’s DNA: “To have John Lennon’s DNA sequence outside of the family protection to me, and full access to it, is worth millions.”

So he could really just be holding on to the tooth so, once genetics technology allows us to clone complete humans, he can sell it again for a major profit.

Matt Dolloff, WZLX  


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