Oh how I hate “THE WALL”. It’s that point where progress seems to stop. Where it feels like no matter what you are working on, it’s barely making a dent. Welcome to THE WALL. I have seen people hit this wall and stop. Stop everything and give up. I see the wall as a challenge from my body. My body is talking to me. It might be saying something like “time to change it up Charlie!” or “time to re-think what is next Charlie.” I have to look at the positive of this situation. I hate hitting the wall. And I can certainly see how THE WALL can destroy attitude, desire, and faith.

I was a first-hand parental witness to THE WALL the other day with my 10-year-old Sofia. She is in competitive gymnastics. She has practice 4 times a week for 3 and a half hour each day. That’s a lot of work. She has been advancing very well and excelling in her work and skills. Now, she has been working on a staple gymnastic move called a “kip”. It is done on the uneven bars and is a rudimentary move in the event. It is also one of the hardest moves to master, BUT once you get it, it’s like the easiest move to continue doing. Sofia has hit a wall. She is SOOOOOOOOOOOO close to getting it. When I watch her, I am moving in my seat trying to “will” her into getting it. Still, as much as she has been trying, she is just a fraction short. I know she is going to get it any day now, but she feels it’s going to take longer. The other night, another girl on her team has been trying to do the same thing. Only she has just started trying to get her kip. And then…she gets it. Sofia is heart-broken. A girl who just started to practice the kip, a girl who seemed to be just getting into the kip…gets it before her. Sofia was devastated. The WALL she hit was on top of her. She said that she has been working so hard to get it and someone who has not worked so hard got it before her…”it’s not fair!” she says through her tears. I feel her pain. I tell her that I am very confident that she is going to get her kip very soon and to not stop trying. My wife and I tell her to channel that energy into her work and to think positive and to get right back up there and do it. She will get it. On her own time. And when she does, the skies will part and unicorns and rainbows will shower down and there will be a celebration!

My wall is not that different. It may be a bit older than hers. Maybe it’s a stronger, I don’t know. All I know is that I have to stay positive. I need to think about how I am doing and that all of this work WILL pay off. When I am saying to myself that I am tired, THAT is when I need to jump into the gym. THAT is when I need to plan out the menu for the week. THAT is when I need to get excited about losing weight and get some energy. We all have our own wall to get over. I know that we can do it. Sometimes we need more help and encouragement to get it done. Sometimes we need to just get a little pep talk and off we go.

I get some help. Not only from inspiration from my 10-year-old, but from the rest of my family and friends. I get encouragement from listeners who ask me how much I have lost. I get reinforcement from people I have not seen in a while say, “Wow, you’ve lost some weight!”. I get help from Red Mountain Weight Loss too. They are helping me over my wall, and they will be there for me no matter what happens. But honestly, the work is all on my plate, not theirs. They provide me a personal program customized to my weight loss goals, and they help me maintain what I am doing. My bariatric physician is pretty easy and upfront with me. I need that. She doesn’t make me feel guilty for having a Diet Coke and a churro on my vacation. She makes sure I understand what having that means and what I have to do for the entire weight loss program and not a day I decided to splurge a bit. They can help you too. The entire staff is so friendly and nice. I really feel at ease when I visit. Maybe it’s the music they are playing in the lobby, or the candles they have lit, but I just feel “good” when I go. I have my 3 month follow-up next week. Wish me luck. I am at about 203 right now. My goal…190. I will keep you informed! In the meantime, if you are working on YOU…keep positive. Keep pushing yourself. Keep up the good work and know that you are never alone doing what you are doing. I have faith in you!

~ Charlie Huero






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