Billy Joel!!!!!

In honor of this great show, we featured Billy in our Top Ten Tuesday!

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And, if you missed any of the songs today, here’s how things went…

6am    #10     “We Didn’t Start The Fire”

The lyrics are a stream of consciousness list of events that Joel felt his generation was not responsible for. In the liner notes of Piano Man: The Very Best of Billy Joel, Joel explains that he wrote this song after a conversation with John Lennon’s son Sean.

7am    #9       “Big Shot”

Billy said that he wrote this song about Bianca Jagger, but it was written from Mick’s perspective. Mick and Bianca were on the outs and divorced shortly before the album was released, and Billy was thinking about how Mick would sing the song to Bianca when he recorded it.

8am    #8       “Piano Man”

The characters in the song are based on real people Joel encountered while working at The Executive Room in L.A. He spent 6 months working there in 1972.

9am    #7       “You May Be Right”

Southside Johnny sang this song as the theme from the TV show “Daves World.”

10am#6       “Movin’ Out”

Billy first wrote this song to a soft ballad he had in his head. When he performed it for his band in the studio, they informed him WHERE he got the tune – it was identical to Neil Sadaka’s “Laughter In The Rain.” He changed it to a more rocking tune.

11am#5       “Just The Way You Are”

He wrote this song about his first wife, Elizabeth and gave it to her as a birthday present. It won Grammys for Song Of The Year and Record Of The Year in 1978.

12pm#4       “Uptown Girl”

Billy was dating Elle McPherson when he started writing this song but they parted ways when she went off to Europe, which is around the time he started dating Brinkley. He reworked the lyrics, and by the time he finished the song, it was about Brinkley.

1pm    #3       “My Life”

Be sure to listen to the high harmonies on this one. That’s Peter Cetera and Donnie Dacus from Chicago.

2pm    #2       “Tell Her About It”

Billy said that Christie Brinkley was the was the first person he could ever just talk to, and they would spent hours just talking. The song was simply about an a-ha moment for Joel when he realized that you could actually have a soul mate.

3pm    #1       “It’s Still Rock & Roll To Me”

The song is a cynical look at the music industry as a manager begs the artist to remain hip for the younger crowd (“What’s the matter with the car I’m driving? / “Can’t you tell that it’s out of style?”), Billy said that he wrote the song in the back of the car taking him to a recording session, because he didn’t have anything written down.


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