This guy has had a rough start…he was abandoned and someone abused him.  All he wants is some patients and a loving home.  what do you think?  Can you help?


Meet Johnny.  A3431999- he is a 1 year old small white Boxer or Pit mix that was running stray in Glendale.

Some unknown person tried to paint him PINK. Yes, really, it’s in the photos! He is a very sweet dog but also very timid around strangers, he crawls on his belly to greet you and cries if he is in his kennel (hence the name Johnny for Depp in “Crybaby”).
The folks at MCACC don’t know if his owner did the painting or if he got tagged. Either way, he doesn’t seem to have had the greatest life so far.  AND, no owner cared enough to come looking for him…he needs a great new home! AND it’s YOURS!

Johnny needs to have his “big boy” surgery before he goes to his forever home.  (MCACC will be taking care of that.)

mcacc logo Dog of the Week   Johnny (Maricopa County Animal Care and Control)


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