An entire generation has no idea of what life was like before the internet, so let me offer a few personal observations.

In the mid-80’s, I bought my first computer (a Xerox…yes they made computers for a short time)  from a friend of mine, who won it in a golf tournament. I paid him $2,500.  It came with blank floppy discs, a couple of basic word processing programs, and a black and white monitor.  a few years later, I got a dial up modem and got my first taste of the internet.  Before it became a ot so safe place to roam, it exilerating to have so much knowledge at my fingertips.  And though the newness has worn off somewhat, it’s a great tool when not overused or abused.

In 1989 most of the audio editing I did was done with recording tape, a splicing block, and a razor blade.  Now, it’s all digital, and instead of having to overnight packages of audio tape across the country, I can send my audio inywhere around the world with one touch of the send button.

In 1989 a postage stamp cost 25 cents.  A gallon of gas was 97 cents.  A loaf of bread 87 cents.  The average home cost $94,000 with an interest rate around 10%.

That year cassettes, which racked up sales of 212 million, compact discs which were rising fast in sales  sold almost 97 million, and vinyl records which were fading in sales, sold almost 18 million.

Compare those numbers to last year when over one billion (1,000,000,000) songs were legally downloaded over the internet, and you have an idea of how it changed the music industry.

Finally consider what you can now do with your cel phone on a daily basis.  Conttrast it to this 1989 beast from Radio Shack that took took people to carry and cost over $800.

This puts it in perspective more than any words.  And it was only 25 years ago.

Bring on the next 25……


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