OK, I admit it. I am a simpleton when it comes to the movies and what entertains me. Movie critics are crap. I never listen to them. They are the ultimate “Buzz Kill” for me when they sit around and talk about plots and story lines. SHUT UP! When I walk into movie, I check reality at the door. I walk into the theatre and treat it like a rollercoaster ride. The more car explosions and chases, the better!

My really good friend works in town at another radio station, and he is like the “movie critic”. I give him crap all the time because of his reviews on movies! It’s all in good fun. I love him like a brother, but I cannot resist getting on his nerves about movie reviews. He once gave a really bad review to a Disney animation movie. I said to him, “Are you kidding? If it has cute little characters, the kids are in love with it!”.

Anyway, I wanted to put up a couple of movie trailers that I am OVER THE TOP READY TO SEE! One is coming out this weekend. “300: Rise Of An Empire”…oh boy…I am smiling while I type this! Then there is a new trailer for the new TRANSFORMERS movie and a new GODZILLA movie. OMG! Check them out!

300: Rise Of An Empire

Transformers: Age Of Extinction



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