Dear Diary,

Wow this has been a crazy last couple of weeks for my family in cars! Last week it was someone side swiping my daughter in my car. Fortunately she was ok just shook up since it was her first accident.

Today, my oldest son was bringing me to work, and Phoenix drivers struck again! This time it was us being rear ended on the 10W just before 7th St. Same excuse… “I didn’t see you”. Weird. We were sitting still in our lane behind nothing but tail lights. (That usually means cars are stopping or stopped)

Ok, now I have no problem shaking this off especially since the cars are both still drivable and both of my children will be ok with a little time. My question is… what is it that people are doing on the road that has them so distracted?? Quite frustrating to know that anything else other than DRIVING is more important. Or, maybe some of those on the road just are not quite cut out for driving?

I am very thankful that I have learned to not be so upset about the actions of others that I can not control. It really does make dealing with things like this much easier. And I’m happy to be able to instill the same attitude in my children. It’s so important since in this life we can only control one thing… ourselves! Learning to take a deep breath and carry on is the best lesson and we can apply it to our everyday lives. There really is no happiness like the kind you find with peace of mind and heart.

Tomorrow will be another new day. New challenges. How will we RE-act? That is the tough part but a calm reaction makes for a calm heart and much better days!!!!! And I plan to enjoy each and every one of the days I have!



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