Dear Diary,

I’m so happy about how my weekend went. It has definitely supercharged me and got me ready for a new week.

Myson (10) had his first solo in a competition and placed second! That was quite exciting to say the least. We pretty much spent most of the weekend watching him dance. I loved every minute of it, including watching all of the other young talent. I can’t believe that watching kids perform can bring tears to my eyes even when they are not MY kids!

Saturday’s rain was also a highlight of my weekend. Well, all but the driving in it part- people just get a lil too crazy when it’s wet out there! But the freshness of everything after a nice rain is so uplifting to me. (Note to self *** call landscaper before yard gets out of control)

Somehow around all of the dance schedule the kids and I managed to get to the gym and had a fabulous time after deciding the way we would get our cardio would be to play some basketball together. Of course I schooled them but they still had fun losing to “Mama”.

After all of the activities this weekend I woke up today and got on the scale and saw another missing 3 lbs! Then, just shortly after seeing my own good news, I get a call from my little brother with an update on his new gluten free lifestyle and the results he has seen in just ONE week! There is nothing better than knowing my family is getting healthy. I’m so thankful to be a part of it.

Yes I can say this week is off to an amazing start so far and I’m looking forward to whatever else it brings my way…. 🙂






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