1933 – Yoko Ono – do the math….she’s 81

1939 – Bobby Hart (singer/songwriter – Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart, ‘Last Train To Clarksville’)

1947 – Dennis DeYoung (Styx – lead singer/keyboards)

1952 – Juice Newton (real name: Judy Kay Newton – ‘Queen Of Hearts’, ‘Angel Of The Morning’)

1954 – John Travolta


1962 – On a weekend leave from marine training and in full uniform with regulation short hair, The Everly Brothers performed their current single ‘Crying In The Rain’ on the Ed Sullivan Show.

1965 – The Beatles knocked out two songs during the ‘Help’ sessions: John Lennon’s ‘You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away’ and Paul McCartney’s ‘Tell Me What You See’.

1966 – Recording sessions continued for The Beach Boys classic ‘Good Vibrations’ which would go on to become their third #1 hit, and their most complex recording laid down over several weeks at multiple studios, and for a then astronomical $45,000 in studio fees – unheard of to record a single song.

1980 – Rolling Stone bass guitarist Bill Wyman told an interviewer he intended to leave the band in 1982 on the group’s anniversary.  He did finally quit the group – in 1993!

1990 – Freddy Mercury made his final public appearance on stage at the Dominion Theatre n London, joining the other members of Queen to collect the Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution To Music.  He died November 24, 1991.

1969 – The St’ James Church was over run with over 3,000 uninvited guests as Lulu (‘To Sir With Love’) and The Bee Gees Maurice Gibb were married in Gerrard’s Cross, England.  Brother Barry Gibb was best man.

Here are a couple of short films (no sound) of the couple announcing their engagement and the wedding itself.

The couple divorced in 1973, but remained friends until Maurice’ death in 2003

In May 2002 Maurice joined his Lulu for a duet on a classic Bee Gees hit.  It was one of his last performances.


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