The Beatles U.S. Albums Track By Track: Hey Jude

We’ve come to the final album in my in depth analysis of The Beatles U.S. Albums collection released last month on compact disc and digital download.

After the trunced version of ‘Revolver’ was released in the states in 1966, the remaining Beatles albums from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band on, retained the same length and running order as the British releases……except for this one which was not compiled by Capitol Records, or the Beatles.

The  ‘Hey Jude’ album was released on February 26, 1970, but its origins began months earlier after Allen Klein too over The Beatles finances and negotiated a better contract for them.  Klein was anxious to get an extra album out on  the group as a stop gap between their last studio album, and the long delayed ‘Let It Be’ album.

Without Capitol Records or The Beatles direct input, the decision was made to compile an album of singles A and B sided that had not appeared on any previous Capitol album.  There were many to choose from, and several early songs that were rejected in favor of later Beatles hits.  Considered for inclusion but rejected were ‘I’m Down’, ‘The Inner Light’, ‘From Me to You’, ‘Misery’, ‘Get Back (single version’, ‘Sie Liebt Dich’, ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, and ‘There’s A Place’.

Though the album was not released in the U.K., it was released in almost a dozen countries outside of the United States.  Argentina and Brazil were the only countries who issued a mono version in addition to the stereo mix.

Clocking in at 32:24, ‘Hey Jude’ entered the Billboard album chart on March 21, 1970 where it remained for 33 weeks, peaking at #2 for 4 weeks, unable to break the hold of the #1 position by Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’.  It would eventually sell over 3,000,000 copies providing momentum for the group when ‘Let It Be’ was finally released in May.

The ‘Hey Jude’ album made its CD/digital debut in January 2014.  All tracks are from the 2009 stereo remasters used for the British albums, though I  have always preferred some of the mono masters to the stereo mix downs, especially for ‘Paperback Writer’, ‘Lady Madonna’, and ‘Revolution’ which have much less ‘punch’ in the stereo versions.


2:19       Can’t Buy Me Love – Paul

2:39       I Should Have Known Better  – John

2:14       Paperback Writer – Paul

2:58       Rain – John

2:14       Lady Madonna – Paul

3:21       Revolution – John

7:05       Hey Jude – Paul

3:16       Old Brown Shoe – George

3:30       Don’t Let Me Down – John

2:55       The Ballad Of John And Yoko – John




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