The U.S. version of ‘Revolver’ was the last album by The Beatles in America whose track line up differed from that of their albums released in Britain.  From Sgt. Pepper (their next album) on, the track line up and mixes would remain consistent on both sides of the pond.

Musically, if ‘Rubber Soul’ had surprised Beatles fans, ‘Revolver’ came as a total shock with it musical leap and innovations.  More exotic instruments were used, complex arrangements which included backward tape loops and maturing lyrics made it very exciting for the listener, and continues to do so today for those who are just discovering the group.

‘Revolver’ was released on August 8, 1966, three days after the British version in the U.K.  Three of the British version’s  tracks ‘Doctor Robert’, ‘And Your Bird Can Sing’, and ‘I’m Only Sleeping’ had already been released in the states on Capitol’s ‘Yesterday and Today’ album, which allowed them to release the remaining eleven songs as a full album here, further irritating The Beatles.  Total running time of the U.S. release is 28:20 compared to the U.K.’s running time of 35:01.  On September 3 The Beatles’ ‘Revolver’ entered the Billboard album chart where it remained for a total of 77 weeks, knocking off their own ‘Yesterday and Today’ album out of the top spot, holding on to #1 for 6 weeks, and eventually selling over 5,000,000 copies.

With ‘Revolver’, George Harrison blossomed as a songwriter as he contributed three songs and for the first time a Beatles album featured one of George’s songs as the first track.  George took lead vocals on all three of his songs, Paul sang lead on five others, John on two, and Ringo one.

Last month’s release of The Beatles U.S. Albums marked the first time the American version had been released on compact disc/digital download.  The mono and stereo mixes are all taken from the 2009 remasters.


2:36   2:36     Taxman – George

2:11   2:11     Eleanor Rigby – Paul

3:00   3:00     Love You Too – George

2:29   2:29     Here There And Everywhere – Paul

2:40   2:40     Yellow Submarine – Ringo

2:39   2:39     She Said She Said – John

2:08   2:08     Good Day Sunshine – Paul

2:03   2:03     For No One – Paul

2:30   2:30     I Want to Tell You – George

2:31   2:31     Got To Get You Into My Life – Paul

3:00   3:00     Tomorrow Never Knows – John














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