I thought I had experienced loud screaming. When I was a baby DJ in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on a radio station called HOT 102, there was a boy band in town called New Kids On The Block. We hosted some winners down at the show in a suite at the new Bradley Center. It was a miracle we got there because of all the snow, but we made it. As I entered the arena, all I could hear was screaming. Now, I was OK with this because it was a very popular boy band. THEN, they were introduced and came on stage and the place erupted! I had to hold me ears it was so painful! I had never experienced anything like it.

I know The Beatles had the same happen with them. I have seen the re-runs on TV of the Ed Sullivan Show and all of the girls (and some guys too) screaming for them. I found a great video of The Beatles performing live in Washington DC, one of their first concerts in the States. I can only imagine what it was like for the “announcer” on stage. As radio personalities, we can tell you about so many performers we have introduced on stage and in what city, or venue. Great memories, and a little bit of history for us personally. I wonder if the “MC” at this event was a radio guy? I wonder what story they had to talk about introducing The Beatles on stage! And when you watch this video, you will notice that it looks like they had a lot of rearranging to do to get the band ready to perform. Time killing is a nightmare! Give it a look and enjoy!


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