Wow I don’t know if I can even express the amazing weekend I had! But I sure am going to try….

It all really kicked into full gear Friday morning when I woke up and got on the scale and saw a number I haven’t seen in quite a while. NICE! My hard work is paying off. Took a trip to Red Mountain Weight loss for my weekly B12 shot (for energy) and loved the welcome I received when I walked in the door. I love knowing they really care about how I am doing. A great morning sure did jump start a fabulous day. Plus it’s officially the weekend yay!

Saturday morning I got to work and really just wanted to be in my bed still watching tv! BUT, I came in and there you were, all very excited about all the weekend had in store, especially Sunday! Every person that called me had great energy, was in an awesome mood and ready for the day. So nice to share that energy and get a little supercharged from you. Didn’t even need my coffee.

I’m also feeling great physically and that sure does help the day just take off in the best direction. With the right energy I can approach my day and accomplish all that I have lined up for myself without running out of steam.

So, I leave the station and head to take my children to a dance competition. On the freeway (while my daughter is driving) we have a blow out! Yup. We are on a tight schedule and here we are now realizing a crucial tool to change the tire is missing. As I’m figuring that out a man pulls over and offers to help. A little unsure at first, I realized he was genuine and wanting to help a woman and a car full of kids.

He makes a call to Discount Tire and talks to them about getting the missing part so we can change the tire and get on with this day. He leaves and buys the part and comes back and changes my tire and all much faster than any roadside assistance could have. I thanked him and introduced myself and asked if he knew about the big event we were having on Sunday. I gave him my personal tickets to the Taste In Tempe just to say thank you and make his day, the way he made ours.

We made it to the competition where my son’s team came in first in their division!!! Nothing could mess up this day or my weekend I tell you!

This brings me to one of the most amazing parts of the weekend. Sunday! The Taste In Tempe had been talked about and anticipated for weeks now and this was the big day. I was up and feeling great and looking forward to the perfect day with weather to match. And that is exactly what we got. I don’t think we could have asked for a nicer day and a more lovely turnout.

I ate tons of food that actually fit within my dietary limits too. Even with a gluten allergy I was able to sample some tasty gluten free food that you would only know is, if you asked. I was introduced to so many new places to eat that actually are very aware of the needs of those like me and happy to help you find new and yummy things to eat. Oh, and let’s not forget the wine and tequila that have now joined my list of favorites.

Being from Illinois, and a fan of the Bears from birth, I was so happy to be able to shake hands and take a picture with Mike Ditka. I was not the only one! And he was so gracious and kind to all of the fans that lined up not only to taste the food from his restaurant, but to meet the coach and take a picture.

I was thrilled to meet so many of the voices that I hear on the request lines and watch everyone having such a wonderful time. A SOLD OUT crowd! What a way to start a yearly event. Year number one – done! And next year promises to be even bigger and better. Thanks to all of you for making it such a success and a fabulous weekend!!!! I’m beyond ready for this week behind all that excitement….. 🙂



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