Can you say RUMORS?! There is a lot of “talk” out there right now about Journey. We all know they are coming to town to do a show on May 18th with The Steve Miller Band & Tower Of Power. So the recent talk has been that Steve Perry is now getting closer to rethinking his getting back together with the band. A recent report was out there that Steve had been talking with Neal Schon about getting back with the band. It turned out that it was Steve that was interested, but not Neal. They are fine with each other. There is no strained relationship. Neal basically said that the rumor of a reunion is not true and that things were taken out of context. Honestly, I wondered to myself, “Wow, I wonder how Arnel feels about all of this talk?” Arnel ┬áPineda is the new lead singer of the group. He is amazing and sounds perfect for the group. (In fact sometimes I think he does a better “Steve Perry” than Steve Perry does Steve Perry!) So here comes a story today saying Arnel is rumored to want to get out of his contract with Journey. Wait, WHAT?

Apparently there are some sources saying that he is unhappy with Neal, and that the work schedule is taking a toll not only on his voice, but his family as well. He is a family man, and all of the touring and traveling is putting a strain on his family time. Now Neal has come out again to say his relationship with Arnel is “very solid” and that they are working hard on the upcoming tour with rehearsals and keeping the show fresh. AND they are not only doing this large tour in 2014, but discussing going through 2015!

Confused? Me too. Will I be at the show? YOU BET! Whatever happens, these are all truly talented people and I hope it works out for all involved. I would LOVE to see Steve Perry on stage with the boys again, NO DOUBT about it! I am also very excited to see Arnel with the band coming to town in May. I will see you at the show. In my 80’s garb. Holding up a lighter (or now cell phone lighter) to “Open Arms”! And that is how I welcome them all. Open arms.

Charlie Huero


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