The fifth installment of my twelve part series on The Beatles U.S. Albums set released last week continues with an in depth look at Beatles ’65.

Capitol Records

Capitol Records

Eight of the eleven tracks on the American album were taken from the British ‘Beatles For Sale’ counterpart with both sides of the Beatles single ‘I Feel Fine’ b/w ‘She’s A Woman’ and ‘I’ll Be Back’ from the British ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ album rounding out the disc.

Capitol Records fifth fab four lp ‘Beatles’65’ was released in mono and stereo on December 15, 1964, closing out a year that saw a saturation of The Beatles that had never happened before or since by any artist.  Entering the Billboard album chart at #98 on January 2, 1965, it made the leap to #1 the very next week, where it remained for eight additional weeks.  It also marked the first and only time The Beatles knocked Elvis Presley out of the #1 album spot which he held the week before with his movie soundtrack ‘Roustabout’.

Seven of the eleven tracks were written by Lennon-McCartney, two were covers of Carl Perkins songs (one of George Harrison’s favorite artists), one was a cover of Dr. Feelgood’s ‘Mr. Moonlight’ and the last cover was a blistering performance by John Lennon of Chuck Berry’s ‘Rock and Roll Music’.

Sonically, this new CD is nothing like the original Capitol album, which was swimming in extra reverb throughout, especially on the tracks ‘I Feel Fine’ and She’s A Woman’ – which were issued in fake stereo on the stereo release.  The sound is not as dry as the British masters, but they’ve certainly been toned down a lot.  The sound is cleaner and all the stereo tracks are true stereo.  Most of the other tracks sound identical to the British 2009 remasters.

Clocking in at a little over 26 minutes, that’s not a lot of quantity of music, but the quality more than makes up for the album’s short playing time. John sings lead on six of the tracks, John and Paul share lead on one, Paul on two, and Ringo and George each have one lead each.

Timings vary a bit between the mono and stereo versions, with the stereo mix of ‘Mr. Moonlight’ having a notably longer fade.


2:14   2:15     No Reply – John

2:31   2:31     I’m A Loser – John

2:01   2:02     Baby’s In Black – John and Paul

2:32   2:32     Rock and Roll Music (Chuck Berry cover) – John

1:46   1:46     I’ll Follow The Sun – Paul

2:35   2:39     Mr. Moonlight (Dr. Feelgood cover) – John

2:55   2:56     Honey Don’t (Carl Perkins cover) – Ringo

2:22   2:22     I’ll Be Back – John

2:58   2:57     She’s A Woman – Paul

2:22   2:20     I Feel Fine – John

2:24   2:24     Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby (Carl Perkins cover) – George





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