Last July I started a new journey in life. I realized that if I wanted to be happier, live longer, and be healthier, I needed to lose some weight. When I was growing up, video games were not in the picture like they are today. The machines and games were just flat-out to expensive for my family. I played outside. Customized my own BMX bikes and went off jumps and such. All my friends in the neighborhood played football, basketball, baseball, and hockey OUTSIDE and until it was so dark to see anything and someone took a ball or puck to the face. High School, college, and event the first few years into my radio career, I have always been active. Soccer in high school and college, gymnastics in high school, Marching Band in grade school, high school, and college…you get the picture. Even in radio throughout the years, playing in organized softball leagues and soccer leagues too. Now, pretty much just golf when I have time to get out.

As the years have gone on, metabolism goes down, food intake goes up, exercise decreases…as does ‘time’ to do anything. I sit in front of computer a lot which was never the case growing up and certainly in the beginning of my career. I am picturing that old car sitting in the barn by itself…doesn’t get out much…collects dust…maybe not taken care of that much. Like I’ve said before, sometimes we take better care of that cars than we do our bodies. I don’t know about you, but I only have one life on this planet. I want to see my kids graduate and become lovely young ladies, get married and have kids and so on. I want to spend more time with my wife, Sandra and the kids. I want to live life to its fullest and on my terms. I am sure you do too.

Last July was the start of my new life style. Actually, it goes back to November of 2011. This was when I started my full-time on air position here at KOOL-FM. This is how I started my career. This is what I love to do. My attitude changed. My days changed. My outlook changed. Being on the radio and getting to spend time with listeners and such has changed my life again! This is the LIFESTYLE change I am talking about and have been talking about. Now here is where I need help.

There are speed bumps and obstacles everywhere and they will be happening until I am gone. I accept this as a reality, but I will do everything in my power to react to them in a different way. I am teaching myself to slow think more…to take my time. I joke about the fact that I live my life 3 and a half minutes at a time (the average length of a song). That creates anxiety and stress. Us DJ’s have a common nightmare of the song running out and nothing on the radio after it but silence or “dead air” as we call it. I have had that nightmare many times and still do to this day. Silly, right? Not so much. So, it’s time to change, for the better.

I have been on my weight loss lifestyle change since last July. Started out the year at about 253/255 pounds. Yeah, I am not comfortable with that at all! From the athlete, active younger person, to this? NO WAY. So July starts, I start my own weight loss plan after being told I am 60 pounds over weight. Exercise, watching my food choices, and sticking with it is the beginning. I drop down to my lowest weight of 208! HAPPY! CELEBRATE! Mid October…WALL. Weight loss stops. I am still walking, even some running is in the mix. I continue and try my best to stay as positive as possible. No luck in losing anymore pounds. The the holidays come around. Thanksgiving…not bad at all. no gain, no loss, I am a good boy. Then Christmas and New Years. BOOOOOO! I was not very good over New Years. Family vacation to Hawaii and I splurged. And why not? It was a once in a lifetime trip so naturally I am going to splurge! I did do my best to run a bit and eat as good as I could. Now here I am in the New Year. I am up in weight. Back up to 218. Not feeling this at all. Everything I have worked so hard for is in jeopardy. Then, as if karma was paying me back in a positive way, I am asked by Shelli & Casey in our sales department if I was interested in doing some work with Red Mountain Med Spa/Red Mountain Weight Loss. I make a decision to get some help. A choice to get myself back on track. I am really not the “spa” kind of guy although I do love a hard-core back rub every once in a while! (who doesn’t!) They say “it’s not about the “Spa”, it’s about the weight loss programs they have. Are you interested?” I thought about it for a while and said, “yes, let’s do this!”.

I visited with Stacy and the staff at Red Mountain and made my appointment to go in and figure out a plan to help me get over this hump and get back on track. Now, I have finished my consultation with Dr. Bentz at Red Mountain Weight Loss. The entire staff there is amazing and so helpful. No judging. No yelling. No awkward facial expressions getting checked out. Dr. Bentz and I sat and discussed my history, what I have been doing and then she recommended some options to me on how to lose those pounds and get back on track. Thankfully, I am not that far off of what I SHOULD be doing, it’s just a matter of more discipline and focus. I really need that.

I am happy to say that I will be giving you updates on my progress. I will share with you the help I am getting with Red Mountain Weight Loss and how it can help you too. ( I put the website below for you to check out for yourself) I have said this all along that losing weight is not easy. Getting help is not a bad thing. I will share my experience with you on the radio, on-line with this blog, and where ever I see you. I encourage your feedback, and most of all, I encourage your questions and you sharing your experience with me. Here is to continuing the process. Here is to the new lifestyle. Here is to YOU!


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