OREO Cookie Changing?

Oh my. I wonder how many of these wonderful cream filled cookies I have consumed in my life. It has to be a staggering amount. I used to get up in the middle of the night, pour me a tall glass of milk and grab an entire ROW of these things…put them in a bowl, and dunk away. I was never really into pulling them apart and licking the cream out. I guess I was “traditional” in my Oreo cookie consumption. When I dunked them in the milk, I could tell by putting a light squeeze to see if it was getting soft. At the right time, I would pull that bad boy out and in one bite…pure Oreo dunking’ heaven!

Now, Oreo has two new limited edition flavors coming out next month. “Marshmallow Crispy” and “Cookie Dough” will make their debut. How fair is this? OMG! On top of this, ¬†Oreo is playing a new commercial during the Grammy Awards tomorrow night that will contain a special hashtag that you Oreo cookie freaks can tweet to snag some freebies before they arrive in the grocery stores. How fun! I know my 10-year-old will be all over it!

So, will you be trying the new flavors, or will stay traditional…old school? Let me know how they taste and remember to enjoy them in moderation!

~ Charlie [@chuero]

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