If you are like me, you love your morning ‘joe”. I have my early morning routine of stopping into my favorite Starbucks at 7th Street & Thunderbird. Trenta Iced, coffee no classic, sweet & low, and breve’. I don’t even have to ask anymore because Zach, Amber, Vicki, and the whole crew there already know. I wave to Bill as I enter each morning. Bill is there everyday…long before I even get there and he sits in the same lounge chair in the corner. Sometimes when I stop in later in the day, I see someone else in his chair and I say to myself “Hey, where’s Bill?”.

Maybe you have your same routine everyday too, but are you obsessed with coffee? My wife Sandra subscribes to Women’s Health magazine, and they had a recent article that asked the same question. They came up with some signs that may let you know that you ARE obsessed with your coffee. Here are the signs:

1. In the morning, everyone knows to stay away from you until you have had your first cup. This is not an issue with me as I am first out the door in the morning and they never really get a chance to experience that side. Plus, I don’t think I get cranky at all without coffee, just a headache from lack of caffeine.

2. You can taste the difference between regular and decaf and you NEVER drink decaf. Yup. so true. Drinking decaf coffee is like drinking non-alcoholic beer. WHY DRINK IT?

3. You understand why more than 50% of people say they would choose coffee over sex. What? Your priorities are out of whack if you think that! OMG!

4. You take more coffee breaks than bathroom breaks. Not true for me. Coffee make me pee, so I am in the restroom for coffee pee breaks. I get my coffee on the way back to the studio!

5. You have no problem paying more than $5 for a cup. No, I DO have a problem paying so much for coffee. I think that would be a deal changer for me. Of course I get coffee where some people are ordering these outlandish concoctions from Starbucks. Hey, if you want a shake, McDonald’s is across the street!

6. Your barista knows you by name…and your order. This is SO true. My Starbucks crew greet me like Norm on Cheers! It’s very silly, but I love it. Great customer service. I am forever impressed on how they memorize all they do with customers and drinks and everything. One of life’s mysteries I guess!

7. Every time you see and article about the health benefits of coffee-you post it all over social media. Sometimes I guess. If it has to do with the health and it’s a good article, maybe. Otherwise, not so much. Do you?

8. You own a French Press. Sure don’t, but I did buy my wife one of the Keurig single cup coffee makers. Her problem before was that she did not want to brew an entire pot of coffee because she would never drink it all. So now, we have the single cup maker and guess what? I find half full cups of cold coffee all over the place! She can’t finish that either!!! LOL!

9. You like coffee breath. NO WAY! But it has not really been an issue. At least I don’t think so. Maybe I should ask?

So here is to your first cup in the morning. I celebrate with you!

~ Charlie Huero


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