The “Charlie Experience” v.19: Feed Yourself!

Welcome to another addition of the Charlie Experience. This installment is all about feeding yourself. My wife asked me for a gift for Christmas. She wanted a membership to a gym that is across the street from my daughters gymnastics facility. My youngest, Sofia, has been doing gymnastics for a couple of year now and her sessions are 3 hours a day for 4 days a week. Hard core. So my wife, Sandra, wanted to make use of her time while at Sofia work out and do a little working out of her own. So she asked me for a membership to a gym across the street so while Sofia was doing her gymnastics, she could do her own workout. Pretty smart idea, and good for her. So, on Christmas Day, she got her wish and off to the gym she goes.

So the other day I asked her “Are you going to the gym today?” to which she replied, “I guess so.” Wait, what? I asked her why the hesitant answer and she said that it’s just the beginning of her workouts and they are tough. She had a trainer (compliments of the gym) for the first day with the option to attain further services for a fee. She was NOT thrilled with the up-sell. In fact if this is the cost of having a trainer, I am in the wrong business. The fee to retain this guys service was insane. I don’t need to pay someone to talk in my ear while I lifting weights. Forget that. I told her she needs to feed herself. She needs to feed herself some positivity! Here is what I mean.

The answer should not be “I guess so.” The answer should be, “You bet! It was a little tough yesterday, but it’s going to get better as time goes on. This is a good thing and it’s going to take some time and effort.” ┬áNow that is easier typed out in this blog than it is to physically say sometimes, but you have to start to change the mind. You need to feed your mind positive thoughts, positive thinking, positive energy! So my thoughts today are for us to feed ourselves! Feed yourself a “I did good today.” plate with a side of “It’s getting better than yesterday.” Wash it down with a tall glass of “I am going to hit it harder today.” Use your head, your brain, and your imagination. It should be worked out too!

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