Sure, KISS have been a band for over forty-years, but in a new video, they look better than ever… or at least, better than they’ve looked since they shot the cover of their third album, 1975’s Dressed To Kill

Credit here goes to designer/rock and roll diehard John Varvatos, who put the members of KISS back in suits and ties for the first time since that album cover. It was, of course, part of his spring/summer campaign

The band did a photo shoot in Brooklyn over the summer, and also shot a concert at 315 Bowery — the venue that was once the famous CBGB’s — as part of that campaign. There’s a bit of irony there: most of the denizens of CBGB would have looked down on KISS’s arena rock antics, not to mention their marketing acumen. Of course, it was both of those elements, as well as their undeniably catchy songs, that accounts for why the band is able to headline arenas, forty years on. Which made the event special for the 200 members of the audience, who were not told who would be performing: a full-makeup KISS show in a club is rare indeed. 

kiss dressed to kill Dressed To Kill: KISS Star In New Varvatos Campaign

In the video below, you can see KISS rocking Varvatos’ suits, playing for an energized crowd and offering snippets of fashion and music advice.

“Any time somebody suits up, whether it’s for a Super Bowl, whether it’s for the World Series, whether it’s for battle, you’re getting ready to go to war…” says Paul Stanley in the video.

See KISS’ John Varvatos video below.

— Mason Johnson, K-HITS, Chicago 


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