My GF Holiday Season!

Uh oh what does GF stand for? Gluten Free! Yes another successful holiday season where I force everyone who eats at my home to eat like me. And I am even so bad that I wait to tell them until AFTER they have consumed mass amounts of food that I have prepared, including dessert. That’s the best part. Not telling them.

Think about it… If you knew in advance that it might be “good for you” would you really want to eat it or would you look for something to be wrong with it? Truth is, most people are afraid if you say the words gluten free. It sounds like the latest diet or a fad. But for me it is a way of life. So, in order to continue to do as I have for years and be the one that cooks (and still be able to eat the food myself) I have changed the menu without changing the menu. HUH?

I still make the many items that I know my children and my friends enjoy and expect to eat when they come to dinner. Whether it be Thanksgiving or Christmas or even just Sunday afternoon when I have loved ones over for dinner, I can continue to satisfy all and include ME in the eating part as well.

I love good food and have such a passion for cooking and making people happy with food. That hasn’t changed a bit since my diet has changed. If anything my cooking skills have only improved! And now when people eat at my home I love to hear how great they feel afterwards. See why I don’t feel the need to tell anyone they are eating “healthy”? They never have any complaints.

Here are a couple quick examples of the meals I made this holiday season:

Turkey – with Stuffing (yes gf stuffing and not one person knew the difference), Oven Baked Cheesy Potatoes (my specialty), Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Corn Bread, Garlic Asparagus, Broccoli w/Cheese Sauce, fresh cranberry sauce, Cherry Cheesecake & a Lemon Cake (actually made by my 12 year old daughter)

BBQ Meatballs

Fried Chicken w/Garlic Mashed Potatoes  and Green Beans with French Bread


This is just a small sample of the good eating I am still able to do even with my gf restrictions. They don’t feel at all like restrictions when my taste buds are still so satisfied along with those that are “forced” to eat my way. LOL! Did you notice there are even still bread options? I love bread!

And most importantly the benefits are amazing. What a beautiful way to spend the holiday season (and any other time too!) with good family, friends, and FOOD! Needless to say I rather enjoyed it. 🙂




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