Wait, didn’t we just do this? Yes we did. Thanksgiving was the test. How did you do? I held back A LOT! I ate the turkey, the ham, some beans, and such. I had a few sweet potatoes, but just a small portion. I had a lot of nuts. They had all of these nuts out, BUT you had to crack them open and then eat them. I will say that was a bit of fun! It also made working to get the nut take my mind out of just grabbing a handful and shoving them into my face hole! Maybe that’s why squirrels are so small? I did have a piece of pecan pie. Amazing! I wanted more! I stopped and went outside and called my Grandmother instead. Now here we are again. Christmas. More food than we know what to do with. What did I learn from Thanksgiving? How will I do it different for Christmas? How about you? Make sure your time is occupied. A body and brain resting stands and thinks in front of the open refrigerator! YIKES! Go for a holiday night walk and admire your neighborhood lights. Maybe a mid day bike ride with the family. Play a board game, go to the park and walk the dogs. Get out and watch the kids play with their toys, or if they are past that, do something together. Enjoy the holiday and the food that comes with it. Remember, it’s ok to eat anything you want. Just know to watch your portions, and make plans to be active afterward!

Here are some other tips to think about that can help you through the holiday eating.

EAT SLOWLY– You can control how much you eat by taking your time. Slow down and enjoy what you are eating! Sit down, and take your time. Chew slow and savor your food! Don’t feel guilty about what you are eating. Enjoy it as much as you can, and like I said, watch your portion sizes!

LOWER YOUR FAT & SUGAR-You can always find recipes that have less sugar, and lower fat. This is always a challenge, but your body will love you for it! Most of all, you will be able to look back and feel good about it too!

REDUCE YOUR STRESS– Don’t put all of the food making on yourself! Have friends and family bring a dish to take some of the stress away. We’re gonna make the ham, you bring some sweet potatoes, and you bring beans, etc. You get the point. The less stress, the more time you have to enjoy the day.

Not bad right? I sure won’t feel bad if I have another slice of pecan pie! Have a Merry Christmas and a safe healthy New Year!


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