The Christmas Tree Prank

I had a very good friend who graduated from high school in Kilgore, Texas.

Kilgore is a town in the eastern part of the state with a population of about 14,000 people. It’s also surrounded by lush green pine forests and clear blue lakes., nothing like you may have pictured a Texas town to be.

My favorite classical pianist Van Cliburn spent a great deal of his childhood in Kilgore.

Kilgore also has a very creative student in the high school media department named Rowdy Cayce (I’m not making this up) who had the bright idea to dress up as a Christmas tree and prank some teachers and students.

Here’s the set up.

Tonight, the Kilgore Bulldogs are playing the Carthage Bulldogs for the state championship, so as a ruse to stage the prank, students and teachers alike were asked to stand beside the ‘tree’ and profess their bulldog spirit.

That’s when the fun began – with cameras rolling, of course.





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