So this is the last weekend to shop for Christmas. The malls will be packed, the parking lots will be full. Traffic to get anywhere will be a challenge. Know this before you head out. Put your mind in the right place BEFORE you head out. People will be rude. People will drive like maniacs. As I have said on the radio, that sweater you want to buy for mom…it will be at the store when you get there. I promise. This weekend, please just SLOW DOWN a little. Give a little more space to the car in front of you. Breathe in and out while you are standing in line to purchase something. You will get there. I have heard of NO ONE being stranded at a stop light, or in the mall because things were not fast enough. No one has ever been stuck at an intersection to turn left because traffic NEVER let up. Please smile. Say “thank you”, or better yet, “excuse me” or “sorry” if you bump into someone, or cut them off by accident.

Within the past 7 days, I have seen two massive accidents on Bell Road out by the Arrowhead Mall. Two people died in one of the wrecks. I drove right by them shortly after the fire department arrived. Be careful. Drive safe. Pay attention. Take your time. Watch out for the OTHER guy, right? This is Christmas. Family. Together. Brotherhood. Let’s act like it!


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