What does your success LOOK like? Can you see it? Close your eyes. What is does your success look like now? Is it a slimmer you? Is it a more confident you? Is it a new car or house or job? Does success look good to you? Now open your eyes. Remember those images. In fact find them, or something that looks like them, and paste them on the wall. Make it your screen saver on your computer. Give yourself that “visual” to see every day. Let your brain bask in the site of “success”! You have seen my “60” and now my “30” that I have pictures of. Those are little signs I have put up in the places I am at frequently. I have one on my office door, one by my computer, one on the fridge. Wait, the fridge? Yes. When I look at that “30” on the fridge it make me think, even if it’s for a few seconds, and make sure I am making a good “choice”. Maybe a picture of a healthy-fit-6pac-abs picture should be what I post? Maybe it’s a home. One of my goals is to be a homeowner. To own a home that the kids can grow up in and call home, and then take it over when I retire and move to Hawaii. (I said I can dream right?) The point here is that a lot of what we do, goal setting and such involves motivation, dedication, and hard work. If you could see what success means to you…as a visual or picture, it may make you think and help you make better choices. Oh, and it’s free, and easy to do by yourself. No tech or geek squad needed. I leave you with a favorite quote of mine from Lou Holtz:

“ABILITY is what you’re capable of doing. MOTIVATION determines WHAT you do. ATTITUDE determines how well you do it.”


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