Early this morning (December 17), the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced their 2014 inductees, which included Nirvana, KISSPeter GabrielCat Stevens and Hall and Oates. Needless to say, those who made it in were excited to receive the honor and more than happy to share that excitement with their fans.

Peter Gabriel, who entered the Rock Hall in 2010 with former band Genesis, was excited to be honored again, this time as a solo artist. “Because this is a recognition for all your work, it means a lot more  to me than an award for a single or an album,” he wrote. “It’s also great to get some acknowledgement from your peers. I’m looking forward to coming in April.”

Gabriel did not show up to the induction in 2010, but told Rolling Stone he will definitely be there this time. He’s still unsure whether he’ll actually play the show though, telling the mag, “I’ll probably play, though if I do “In Your Eyes,” it’ll take 10 minutes and that might be all the time I have.”

Since 2000, KISS have been critical of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for passing them over, but now that they’re finally in, the guys have decided to let bygones be bygones.

Gene Simmons tweeted the surprisingly kind message,”Congratulations to Ace-Peter-Eric Carr (RIP)-Vinny-Mark ( RIP)-Bruce-Tommy-Eric Singer & my partner Paul. And mostly, to The KISS ARMY,” while Paul Stanley told Los Angeles’ K-EARTH (a Radio.com station) that though they’ve questioned the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame over the years, the committee has “come to see things our way.”

Stanley credited the band’s induction to a younger voting body, or at least to newer voters.

“Let’s not call it ‘the old guard,’ but certainly there are people who have been there a while,” Stanley explained. “And there are newer people who are voting, and clearly, their opinion has been different [than the ‘old guard.’] A lot of people wanted to see us in it, and who am I to argue?”

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Cat Stevens, who now goes by the name Yusuf Islam, released a statement via Facebook, admitting he was a little embarrassed by how happy he was to make it into the Rock Hall.

“It will certainly bring happiness to a lot of my loyal fans, and fulfillment to all those who have long-campaigned for it – not to mention how kinda embarrassingly good it makes me feel too,” Yusuf said. “The sleepy Peace Train is beginning to chug its way slowly uphill, again.”

Read more at Radio.com.

— Shannon Carlin, Radio.com 


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