It’s more than just a song by Billy Joel, it’s an attitude. I will be the first to admit, it’s hard sometimes, but the more you do it, the better off you will be. My journey seems to be getting harder as time goes on. The reason why is because at first, you see results pretty quick. I was 253 pounds when I started this “lifestyle change”, and I am still hovering around 208-211 pounds. I have been trying so hard to get below 200 pounds and each day can be frustrating if there are no results. I have to continually tell myself that THIS is where the REAL work happens! When I drive into work, I tell myself, OUT LOUD,┬áthat today is going to be a good day. Today is about being positive. Today is slowing down and breathing and focusing. Today is another day of life. Today I will smile more and say “hello” to strangers and say “thank you” when it’s not expected. Today, I am giving myself to the powers that be. Today is going to be another day of “keeping the faith” in my challenges. Yeah, I know…sometimes easier said than done, but really, my attitude and energy must always be positive. At least as much as possible (traffic still bugs the crap out of me!) When the challenges are tough, and your faith is tested…STOP…slow down…breathe slowly, close your eyes and reset. I have been MAKING myself do this little exercise, and I think it works! What do you do to “reset”? I would like your feedback.

May the FAITH be with you, and be healthy! ~Charlie Huero


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