1936 – Freddie Garrity (Freddie and the Dreamers – ‘I’m Telling You Now’, ‘Do The Freddie’ – died 2006 – emphysema)

1938 – Cornell Gunter (The Coasters – ‘Yakety Yak’,’Charlie Brown’ – murdered 1990)

1944 – Sherri Payne (The Supremes – joined 1973)

1949 – James Young (Styx – guitar – ‘Babe’, ‘Come Sail Away’,’Mr. Roboto)

1951 – Stephen Bishop (‘On and On’,’Save It For A Rainy Day’)

1956 – alec John Such (Bon Jovi – bass)


1960 – Ray Charles topped the Billboard Hot 100 for the first of three times with “Georgia On My Mind’.

1990 – Milli Vanilli messed up big time when their record producer Frank Farin fired the duo (Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan) because they insisted on on singing on their new album.  We all know how that one ended.

1991 – Over a thousand New Kids On The Block fans were given medical treatment during a minor riot during a concert tour in Germany.

2004 – The Rolling Stones effort to pursue a claim against their former record company Decca (released through London records here in the states) was halted by a high court judge in London.  His mandate was to have the matter decided by arbitration and not in court.

1996 – Michael Jackson married Debbie Rowe in Australia.  The couple had met when he was diagnosed with vitiligo a decade earlier and she was working as his dermatologist’s assistant.  They divorced three years later with Debbie giving full custody rights of the children to Michael.  In exchange, she received $8,000,000.

In 2010, Michael’s mom Katherine had this to say about Debbie.


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