Back when I was in college, I worked a job to make some money. Every college kid does it, just to have some drinking money and maybe enough to get a loaf of bread, some peanut butter, jelly, and maybe some mac-n-cheese for the hot-pot to cook. My job was the stepping stone into what I am doing today. I was a mobile Disc jockey. You know, the guy spinning tunes at weddings, or prom, or a class reunion or any type of party. The company I worked for was called “American Entertainment” and we serviced the tri-state area of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. Our company was so large that on a given Saturday night, we were in 30-35 different places covering all three states. We operated out of a small building in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. I remember those Saturday nights, and  dreading having to travel to IOWA to do a dance. The reason was that we would have a full vehicle of equipment, because to travel out there, we would have to have 3-4 different DJ’s doing 3-4 different dances. The last guy was screwed because he had to drop everyone off first at their dances and help unload, and then load back up and pick everyone up. HOLY CRAP! And I got paid how much? Cripes, it was beer money! Anyway, I remember driving in Iowa…FLAT as far as the eye could see. Not a hill, mound, or even a dip in the ground. You really had to be on your toes to drive or you could be off to sleep with he boredom! Now that is a plateau!

photo courtesy of Charlie/Charlie Images

photo courtesy of Charlie/Charlie Images


I feel right now with my diet that I am WALKING IOWA! For the past 3 weeks or so I have been sitting at the same weight. I have mixed in running into the exercise plan, and so far that has been going well. BUT….I have not lost any weight! I know the battle is about attitude. I know the battle is in the mind. I know that this is the test and where many people get frustrated and start to give up. This really stinks, but I have to keep pushing. I have to get my attitude back to saying “I am going to kick this in the ass and keep pushing forward.” Have you hit a plateau? Are you on one now? Have you hit several? What do you do to push through it? How do you handle it? I think it is time to make a “vision wall”. On that wall I can have words, or words of encouragement. Maybe pictures of goals like a picture of a trim body, or a vacation picture, or of something positive. I have my little “30” numbers cut out and taped everywhere from the studio to the fridge in my office to the door…basically everywhere I may look. (see above) What’s on your “vision wall”? All the best to you. Share your story.


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