TOP 10 TUESDAY: Songs from the BEE GEES!

I bet somewhere in the house or at some point and time you have/had a copy of the Saturday Night Fever album! The corners on mine are all beat up. I even have some 45’s of the songs still on the old RSO label! I can remember playing these records all the time. The Bee Gees had a ton of records, and we did our best to bring you the TOP 10! Here is the complete list in case you missed any of them.

#10 “Lonely Days”

#9 “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”

#8 “Nights On Broadway”

#7 “Too Much Heaven”

#6 “Jive Talkin'”

#5 “You Should Be Dancing”

#4 “How Deep Is Your Love”

#3 “More Than A Woman”

#2 “Stayin’ Alive”

#1 “Night Fever”

As you can see we barely scratched the surface of the many Bee Gees hits over the years. That just gives us a great excuse to do more! Next week for TOP 10 Tuesday, we feature the TOP 10 DISCO HITS…I can think of a TON, how about you?

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