It’s National Adopt a Senior Pet month!  SHHHHH! Frisco doesn’t know he’s NOT a puppy.

Frisco is a Miniature Pinscher with a nubby tail that’s always wiggling and triangle ears that are so big they could tune-in  satellites.


Click here to see more pics!

The 7-year-old is looking forward to spending his Golden Years in a loving home, preferably one with access to a grassy yard because even though he’s small… this little guy’s little legs can really move!
Still a puppy at heart, Frisco loves going for walks and will freeze in a play-bow position right by the door waiting for you to leash him up. Invest in a longer leash because this busy body has a brisk outlook on life and will be ten steps ahead of you bustling from tree to shrub sniffing each savory scent along the path. Afterwards, he likes to curl up beside you and nap. He’s a perfectly well-behaved indoor dog and he doesn’t care if he has other canine roomies (big or small), just make sure to feed this hefty 14-pound food hound separately from other dogs.

Frisco is available NOW at the Sunnyslope Adoption Center and his adoption fee is only $35.


Click HERE for directions and hours for the Arizona Humane Society.


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