[Video] Just A Friendly Game of Tetherball Between Two Dogs

It’s not everyday that a dog chooses to perform any type of activity besides fetch, eat and sleep.  But these two Australian cattle dogs make a fetch look like simple puppy-play.  The two dogs, a mother and her son, look like they have been playing Tetherball since they knew how to sit and stay.  While it’s clear that the older dog is a seasoned Tetherball professional, it’s clear that a knack for high-jumping and competition runs in this four-legged family.

The Australian Cattle dog is an extremely smart and energetic breed. Their intelligence makes them easy to train, which is why this breed participates in many agility competitions.  While Tetherball is no agility course, we think watching these dogs compete over wrapping the ball around the pole while looking adorable is more entertaining any day. The breed usually requires a home with plenty of room to exercise and an owner who has enough time an energy to participate as well.  The owner of these dogs sure lucked out, the furry friends get their exercise while the owner kicks back and films some quality Youtube footage that is sure to put a smile on any animal lover’s face.

-Megan Miller/CBS Radio Phoenix Promotions Intern


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