The Marching Band That Made Superman Leap A Tall Building

It happened this past Saturday, and it wasn’t just any college marching band, it was the Ohio State marching band.

During halftime of the Ohio State-Penn State game, they pulled off one of the greatest band routines of all time – one in which they had only a week to learn the drill and little more than a week to learn the music.

I was my in my high school marching band for four years, and I can appreciate the effort that went into this complex routine, called ‘The Hollywood Blockbuster Show’.  The networks would never show something like this in its entirety because of analysis and commentary of the game that’s always inserted while the marching bands are on the field.

Lucky for us, we can see the entire routine anytime we want.

Watch Superman leap the tall building with a single bound at about 2:05 into the video.

Closing in on 4,000,000 views in less that 24 hours to see a marching band routine?  Oh yeah.

It’s that crazy good!




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