It was a while back and I had explained what the number “60” was all about. After taking a weight test to measure BMI, the results told me that for my age and height, I was 60 pounds over weight. WHAT? At the time I was about 240 pounds, which meant if I lose those “60” pounds, I would be down to about 180. (really they wanted me to be between 172 and 180) So, with that motivator, I was on my quest to change my life, my habits, my world…my lifestyle. It has not been easy. It has been a lot of work, but I can honestly say that there are many things that I have started in this process that are now a regular part of my weekly, or even daily, routine!
This is the easiest thing in the world, and people should do more of it. You don’t need a membership. You don’t need a fancy gym, or even a big piece of machinery in the house. All you need are some comfortable walking shoes and the good old OUTDOORS! Yes, walk your neighborhood, or drive to a park you like to go to, it easy! You should do it everyday, even if it is only for a little while. Bottom line is you HAVE TO get active and move around. Don’t have time? MAKE TIME!
As I am writing this blog, I am eating. WHAT I am eating and HOW MUCH I am eating has been key for me. I am more conscious of what I am eating and my portion sizes are a LOT smaller than they used to be for sure! So right now, it’s 3 ounces of grilled chicken, and spinach salad. Water to drink or iced tea if you wish. I snacked on carrots earlier, and in about an hour, I will probably have some grapes. So I am eating at different times throughout the day. I had some steel-cut oatmeal this morning with a bit of protein powder and Almond Milk. I made it the night before and put it in the fridge. I can say that cold oatmeal tastes good, and it is easy to make a bunch at one time and put them in the fridge. Dinner is planned out for tonight already, so making the plans is also a key element for me. NOW, this past weekend…not so easy. I had a lot of down time on Thursday and Friday spending time with my daughter Sofia for her fall break. When there is down time, we all head to the magic box in the kitchen that has all of the answers. The fridge! Stay away!!!
Do you know what your blood pressure is? Do you know what a healthy range for your blood pressure is? You should. And if you visit some grocery stores or maybe even in the middle of the mall, you can find one of the blood pressure machines where all you have to do is put your arm in it and hit start. I do this every Sunday when I do the grocery shopping at the Fry’s Marketplace. They have one in the pharmacy section. Takes 2 minutes. Give it a try!
How long has it been? I can almost bet you that you have taken your car in for more oil changes than you have taken yourself in to the doctor to get a check-up. It should be the other way around. You don’t have to get crazy about it, but you should see the doctor on a regular basis. Heck, you SHOULD know their name too! Spend some time one day and get all your past records out and make one sheet of what you have been doing over the years. Doctor, dentists, you name it. What kind of surgeries have you had? Who have you seen in the last year. It’s up to you to know all of that! It WILL come in handy sooner than you know too.
So “30” is the new “60”. I am half way to my goal. Since July, I have accomplished half of my goal. I was at Dick’s Sporting Good with the kids the other day, and I had my oldest hold 30 pounds of weight in the weight lifting section. “Dad, that’s heavy.” I said, you bet. That’s how much weight I have lost. Give it a try for yourself. This is not easy, and honestly right now I am saying “Half?! What else do I have to do?” The key word here is “DO”. I must keep “doing”. Walking. Eating right. Looking for new meals or exercises, or activities to help me lose the weight. To all of you that I have seen who have asked me about it, THANK YOU. YOU motivate me. I am here for you as well. Let’s keep “DO’ing” this experience!
30 is the new 60.

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