Last night (October 17) at Cipriani’s on Wall Street in New York City, a handful of legendary artists– Little Steven Van Zandt, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, Elvis Costello and Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers– came together to pay tribute to Darlene Love. It was the fifth annual “Right 2 Rock” event, raising funds for Little Kids Rock, an organization that works to restore and revitalize music education in public schools, mainly in disadvantaged areas that are threatened by budget cuts. Learn more about Little Kids Rock here.

Last year’s honoree, E Street Band guitarist Little Steven Van Zandt is an avowed Love fan, having produced and written for her, he also led a successful campaign to get her inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. He served as the night’s musical director, playing guitar while conducting the band and looking ecstatic the entire time. Last year, Love performed in Van Zandt’s honor. Before last night’s show, she told that being honored this year “Is a weird feeling. It’s also humbling” Always gracious, she deflected attention away from herself, saying “It’s not about me, even though they’re honoring me. It’s about the kids. To be able to give them something they need, and can’t afford, and that the government won’t help them with. “

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She says that, were it not for her vocal lessons in school, she may not have become a singer. “There wasn’t really musical instruments in school, but there were glee clubs and a cappella choirs, vocal things. Which was really great, because we got the chance to sing at other schools, representing our school. And our choirs always had like 50 or 60 voices. It was amazing.”

She learned her chops while singing in large groups, as she came to fame singing in a number of combos including the Blossoms, Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans and most famously, the Crystals. And while none of those groups had 50 or 60 voices, they all sounded like they did due in part to Phil Spector’s “Wall Of Sound” production technique.


Darlene Love sits in with Brian Wilson and his bandmates for “Don’t Worry Baby” (Maria Ives for

The Beach Boys were certainly paying attention to the records Love sang on, so it was fitting that Brian Wilson was the first performer of the night. Van Zandt, a longtime Beach Boys fan, looked ecstatic as Wilson and members of his solo band sat in chairs at the front of the stage, and launched into “California Girls.” Wilson followed that up with the understatement of the year (or decade): “Now for a nice pretty song called ‘God Only Knows.'” The high rollers at Cipriani’s collective jaws hit the floor, and things only got better from there, as Wilson announced, “Darlene Love: you’re wanted on stage!” She sat with Wilson and friends for a beautiful version of “Don’t Worry Baby.”

(Maria Ives for

(Maria Ives for

Elvis Costello was next, and started things off with “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love and Understanding,” before diving into Love’s catalog with an impassioned cover of Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans’ “Not Too Young To Get Married.”

(Maria Ives for

(Maria Ives for

As distinct as the original song is, it’s striking how, when Costello sings a song, it becomes an Elvis Costello song. As great a songwriter as the man is, it’s sometimes easy to forget what a great interpreter he is. He then said, “Here’s a song I wrote and I dreamed Darlene sang it.” His dream then promptly came true, as Darlene Love joined him onstage for “Still Too Soon To Know” (from his 1994 album Brutal Youth).

The kids from Little Kids Rock perform (Maria Ives for

The kids from Little Kids Rock perform (Maria Ives for

Read more at— Brian Ives,



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