Happy 75th Anniversary Superman!

I’ve been a Superman fan all my life – and by far he’s still my favorite super hero.

When ‘Man Of Steel’ came out earlier this year I couldn’t wait to see it, but when I did, the impossible happened.

I was bored out of my mind.

This from a guy that has seen all 104 episode of 1950’s ‘Adventures of Superman’ with George Reeves at least a half dozen times, and with every new incarnation of Superman, I’m near the first in line.  I love the character.

This afternoon, a fellow Superman fan sent me a video celebrating the 75th anniversary of the man of steel – the super hero, not the movie.

For exactly two minutes, the length of the video, all is right with the world.

One of the comments summed it up best:

“Brilliant video that really gets the gist of Superman as a character – why couldn’t Man of Steel?”

You got me.


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