My daughter, a friend, and I went to Sedona and had the chance to do some hiking on Mon. Wow what a wonderful way to spend the day! Not just the workout factor but the peace and serenity are unmatchable.

It is so amazing to be able to drive less than two hours from home and see sights that we won’t see on a daily basis and be able to do things you also don’t do at home in the Valley.

Ever since moving to Phoenix in 1986 I have always enjoyed the mountains and the scenic parts of our amazing city. One of the first places we got to visit once we moved here was Sedona. And it has held a place in my heart and mind ever since.

I must admit that I have not taken the amount of trips that I would like, however the ones that I have taken have been so wonderful. Whether hanging at Slide Rock with the kids, hiking one of the many trails, or just spending a day relaxing by a creek, there is always something new to find to do. Not all of it requiring money either. The peace that comes with just being there can be enough for me.

Breathtaking views are what you will see as you pass through the mountains and start to see red rock. Again, a simple change in scenery can be so refreshing. And you can take a trip and come back all in the same day if you have a hectic lifestyle full of work and kids and the other challenges that come with real life. But don’t forsake taking some time to just breathe. What a great place to do that!

Think about it like this- some people come from all over the world to experience something that is right at our doorstep. So next time you are looking for something “different” to do that doesn’t require months of planning and saving, consider something right in your own backyard.



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