Today in Pop Music: October 7 – Star Spangled Banner Takes Down Singer


1939 – Colin Cooper (Climax Blues Band – vocals/sax – ‘Couldn’t Get It Right’)

1941 – Martin Murray (The Honeycombs – guitar – ‘Have I The Right’)

1945 – Kevin Godley (10cc – drums/vocals – ‘I’m Not In Love’)

1949 – David Hope (Kansas – bass – ‘Carry On Wayward Son’)

1951 – John Mellencamp

1953 – Tico Torres (Bon Jovi – drums)


1963 – The Rolling Stones recorded ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’, a song they had gotten from John Lennon and Paul McCartney a few weeks earlier.  The Beatles wouldn’t complete their own recording of the tune for another two weeks, with Ringo singing lead.

1967 – Beatles been there, done that – twice, and said no to Sid Bernstein’s offer of $1,000,000 for yet another trip to play New York’s Shea Stadium.  They didn’t need the money and cracks were beginning  form within the group.

1975 – A great day for John Lennon who finally got his ‘Green Card’ allowing him permanent residency status in the United States.

1978 – Marvin Gaye’s monetary problems became public knowledge when Billboard magazine reported had filed bankruptcy papers – twice – earlier in the year.  Marvin had rung up debts of over $7 million.

1989 – Paula Abdul topped the Billboard Album Chart with ‘ Forever Your Girl’.  the album had been hanging around the top 200 albums for 64 weeks before reaching #1, makng it the longest time for an album to reach the top.

1968 – in light of all the horrible renditions of ‘The Star Spangles Banner’ since (Rosanne Barr comes to mind) Jose Feliciano’s soulful rendition of our National Anthem sounds tame.  But at the time he performed it before the fifth game of the 1968 World Series, it was almost scandalous, to the point that many radio stations refused to play his records and his career took a tumble that took many years to regain.  When released as a single a couple of weeks late it climbed the Billboard Hot 100 and stalled at #50 before dropping off.

Today it sounds quite tame.


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