I challenge you to make a change and FEEL GREAT! This challenge isn’t to sell you anything other than maybe the idea of not believing that you have to feel bad just because you are getting a little older.

October is Gluten Free Challenge month! And I’m sure you have heard about gluten and may even know someone that is gluten free. Well actually, you definitely know someone who is, I just haven’t spoken much about it. . . That’s right ME! Ever wonder why exactly someone would make such a lifestyle change? Well let me give you some insight as to why I had to and why you may want to…

I should start by telling you that my journey was a very long one full of misdiagnosis and numerous years of invasive tests to find out what was making me feel so rotten. I knew from the time I was a teen that I had an allergy to wheat which was discovered from extensive allergy testing and even treated with shots to help with the number of allergies I had. However, when I was told that I had the allergy I was NOT told how to handle it.

So I just didn’t eat wheat bread. Yes funny right? Well back then there wasn’t any talk of gluten or a gluten free lifestyle or at least it wasn’t something talked about amongst the masses. And now it is everywhere you turn. Ever wonder why that is?

Coeliac disease, gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance, and wheat allergies are much more commonly talked about and diagnosed. Not everyone has a severe reaction or feels like they are dying from ingesting gluten, however it has been shown that in most cases just removing it from your diet can help with weight loss and increased energy just to name a couple of the benefits.

The real challenge for those who aren’t forced to do it, the way I was, is learning to do things a little differently. Preparing for meals may be the hardest part and avoiding fast food. With busy and active lifestyles it can be difficult to not just “eat on the go”. However, if changing would mean you would feel 10 years younger, or lose those pounds that just won’t seem to go away, or just increase the amount of energy you have daily, wouldn’t it be worth a shot?

And I haven’t yet mentioned that there can also be way more extreme cases, like my own, that come with a laundry list of symptoms that can confuse the greatest of doctors. Skin rashes, hives, major stomach issues, joint pain, anxiety, migraines, night sweats, chest pains and tightness, loss of energy, exhaustion, trouble sleeping, female issues, weight loss or gain, numbness and tingling in arms and legs, difficulty breathing, are just SOME of what I was dealing with for many years.

Hospital stays and tests beyond belief is what I endured as I, along with many different specialists and family doctors, tried to figure out what it was. Talk about frustration and anxiety just from trying to FEEL better! I was not going to take no answer as an answer.

Eventually those around me became concerned and at one point it was even more frustrating to me to not know and not have an answer when people would ask what was wrong. A friend of mine contacted her mother, also a dear friend of mine, and told her that she was worried about me. In dealing with her own struggle for so many years, my misery was very familiar to her. She asked me a series of questions about my symptoms. I was brought to tears to have someone finally know how I felt and not think I was losing my mind. I mean, how can I have all these symptoms but nothing wrong with me? Finally someone who could relate!

She sent me a bunch of information about gluten intolerance and the first question I had was “What is gluten?” She only needed to say one word for me to see what had plaguing me for so many years! “Wheat”. When I told her that I’m allergic to wheat her reaction is one I will never forget. It went something like this…. “CORINA WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Again, I had never taken the time to see what I was supposed to do about my allergy. Not being informed was a very big problem.

Now that I had some information I could make a change and see what happened. And I can tell you that I saw immediate results! Oh what a relief to feel like I had an answer to at least my stomach problems. But then as I continued with my quest to really make sure that all gluten was out of my diet I noticed extreme results. Every single one of my symptoms were gone within 3 months. Now here I am well over a year later and I can’t tell you how much the quality of my life has improved.

Now my story is definitely the extreme case. So even if you are not feeling any of what I was dealing with, but maybe you are lacking energy or can’t seem to shake those extra pounds, this might be a challenge you want to take. It may be well worth it just to feel younger and have more energy.

This is NOT to diagnose you, especially if you are one of the people that suffers from many mystery symptoms. Consult with your doctor to see if this is a change for you.

I love the change I made and the best part is I still very much enjoy eating. Actually I love it even more since now it doesn’t make me sick AND I have found some things are actually even better gluten free. I cook every meal gluten free and have no problem getting my family and friends to eat it without even knowing.  Now, it is just a way of life for me and one that I am so thankful for.

If you are willing to take a challenge and make a change to feel great let me help you by providing you with some helpful tips and things to look for to start your own gluten free challenge. Click here to read more and get the help you need to start.

I am also going to be posting some gluten free items that I make or that I have found that make my life easier just to help you in your quest to feeling fabulous! Now consider the challenge and if you choose to accept, here’s to feeling and looking great!!! 🙂


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