Today In Pop Music: September 17 – Paul Is Dead


1923 – Hank Williams (greatest country artist of all time – ’nuff said – died New Years Day 1953 in the back seat of a car on his way to a gig – influence is still present)

1926 – Bill Black (Elvis Presley’s first bass player – went on to form his own successful group ‘Bill Black’s Combo – ‘White Silver Sands’, ‘Blue Tango’,’Don’t Be Cruel’ – died on the operating table in 1965 during a third attempt to remove a brain tumor)

1933 – Jeannie Deckers (better know as ‘The Singing Nun’ whose song “Dominique” topped the charts in the 60’s – died in 1985 of an overdose of sleeping pills in a suicide pact with a friend)

1939 – Lamonte McLemore (The Fifth Dimension – ‘Aquarius’, ‘Up Up and Away’, ‘Wedding Bell Blues’)

1950 – Fee Waybill (The Tubes ‘She’s A Beauty’)

Between Hank Williams, Bill Black, and The Singing Nun, those  musicians born on this day had pretty tragic endings!


1931 – The first long playing record, a 33/13 rpm recording, was demonstrated in New York by RCA Victor.  It was a great idea, but doomed to fail: the record players that would accommodate the new format started at $95, which is around $1150 in 2012 dollars.  Columbia successfully revived the lp record in 1948.

1967 – The Doors were banned from the Ed Sullivan Show after Jim Morrison broke his agreement with the show’s producers, who had requested he not sing the lyrics “girl we couldn’t get much higher”.  The look on Ed’s face at the end of the performance was priceless.

1978 – The video for Queen’s single “Bicycle Race” was filmed, featuring 65 naked female professional models racing around a track which had been rented for the day.  The rental company, upon learning how the bikes had been used, was reported to have requested extra payment for all the seats to be replaced.

2007 – Barry Manilow canceled plans to appear on the tv show “The View” because he did not want to be interviewed by its conservative co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck.  Barry requested to speak only with Joy Behar, Barbara Walters, or Whoopie Goldberg, to which the producers refused to comply, calling his demands “completely disrespectful.”  Totally agree.

2011 – The estate of Jimi Hendrix gave the green light for another group or archival releases almost 4 years to the day after his death.  Lucky for us, just when we think the well is dry, something else is found… far.

1969 – Stories of Paul McCartney’s death were picked up by the press in England and in the United States.  He was supposedly killed in an automobile accident in Scotland on November 9, 1966, and a double had been taking his place.

In reality, Paul and girlfriend Jane Asher were on vacation in Kenya, and Paul is still very much alive today, thank you.

In 2009, Paul talked about the rumors with David Letterman.

Here are some of the clues fans took WAY too seriously.


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