That was the state of mind of the moviegoers that took this week’s number one movie straight to the top of the box office.  Talk about picking a perfect date for this haunted house sequel. FRIDAY THE 13TH!

Insidious Chapter 2 didn’t just do well it’s opening weekend, it put a hurtin on the rest of the films that were available to see including other new releases. It also tripled the opening weekend of it’s original back in 2010. Bringing in over $40mil, nearly $30mil more than the number 2 movie this week.

Another new release starring Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer “The Family” is some distance behind with just over $14mil which bumped last weeks winner down to the 3rd place.

Now what’s surprising about the top five this past weekend is the length of time that the number four and five movies have been in the top five, especially considering they have both been in theaters for over a month. The attendance has contributed to record breaking summer numbers for the box office. Both of these films are still ones to watch if you are looking for a good way to spend a couple hours of your day Kooling down with a great flick.

Here is a look at the entire five so you can plan accordingly if you are getting out to a movie this week while the kids are in school and you can sneak away…

#1. Insidious Chapter 2

#2. The Family

#3. Riddick

#4. The Butler

#5. We’re The Millers


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