Robert DeNiro’s Mob Movie and the “Insidious” Sequel Are in Theaters Today

And we’ve got the info and trailers for you!

1.  “The Family”  (R)

Robert DeNiro is hiding out from the mob, living in the Witness Protection Program with his family in a quiet little town in France.  But they don’t stay hidden for very long because he and his family revert back to their mobster ways.

Michelle Pfeiffer plays his wife, Dianna Agron from “Glee” is one of their two kids, and Tommy Lee Jones is the agent in charge of keeping them alive after the mob figures out where they are.

2.  “Insidious Chapter 2”  (PG-13)

In the first movie, Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne discovered that their son is able to leave his body to visit the spirit world.  But it’s extremely dangerous because the dead are attracted to his living soul and he gets trapped away from his body.

Patrick used his own “astral projection” ability to cross over and get him back.  But something evil followed them back to their bodies, so now they need another team of paranormal investigators to help them figure out how bad things are.

This one picks up right after the death of Elise, with Rose Byrne being questioned by the cops about whether she believes her husband is innocent of the murder.

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