The “Charlie Experience” v.9: The Struggle With P.M.A.

How discouraging is it to work so hard, to sacrifice the foods you love to eat (that are not really the best for you) to exercise everyday…and that damn scale says “no you didn’t!”? Not a great weekend in the “Charlie Experience” I can tell you that. Friday, I stepped on the scale and it says 215. Lowest I have been in YEARS! Happy, right? You bet. It’s motivation to push harder. I walk 4.7 miles Friday night, 4.7 miles Saturday night, then 4.7 miles Sunday morning. Scale today…219. What? Are you kidding? OK, I see how this is going to work…you are testing my P.M.A. My Positive Mental Attitude.

Positive Mental Attitude is CRUCIAL in your long-term plan. You MUST stay positive. The scale does NOT say how you fit better in your pants or your shirts, or the compliments you get from friends and family. It is just a NUMBER. HOW you deal with that scale number is where you win or lose. Stay positive. I had to take an honest look back to my eating over the last few days. Sunday afternoon, I went to visit my Grandmother in Maricopa. Flat tire on the way down there, late to get her for lunch, but all is good. What do I do? Instead of a healthy salad, I eat wings. No dips, just the wings. Not the best choice, but I have not had this in a long time. I ate slow to let my brain catch up to what I was doing. This is something a doctor told me once that it takes your brain 20 minutes to figure out that you have eaten and that you should be full. Try it sometime. Eat half ofyour plate, and STOP. See what happens after you wait for a bit. It may surprise you.


Back to PMA. Attitude is the key. Keep your mind right, and keep focused on the big picture. I have to remind myself WHY I am doing this, and HOW this is going to change my life. I listed to some motivational speeches from TED (website) and Joel Osteen, and even Dave Ramsey. Their words of encouragement push me to the next level. No time to be down about the NUMBER, time to pick it up again and get focused. PMA. What is your PMA? Are you pushing hard today? What are you doing today that is different from yesterday? What are you changing to make a difference? I have a list I keep on my phone. I check it, and check it, and add to it, and subtract from it. Folks, this is not easy. In fact it’s hard and challenging, but at the same time it is NOT rocket science! It’s common sense. Eat bad, you’ll feel bad. Eat good, and you will feel good. You have heard the saying “if you want something, you need to work for it”. All you have to do, is the work! No pills, no fads, no points, no gimmicks, no cookies or shakes, or chocolate…just eat better and work a little bit! If it works for you, do MORE of it! Always remember it will take time, but you have to keep your PMA. I needed help today, and I think doing this blog helped. Let me know how you are doing, I would love to know. All the best to you.

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