Beach Wedding

Yes a beautiful wedding on an east coast beach  is where I got to spend my past weekend. My mother got married in North Carolina and we all gathered as a family to celebrate and welcome the new man in her life.

I love being in other states in different parts of the country. All of the differences you will experience just leaving Az can be such an adventure. The weather was a bit different. Very humid! Even having the cool ocean breeze didn’t change the feeling of the thickness of the air.


The people are different especially since we were in a small beach town that welcomes tourists throughout the summer months mostly. Wow the warm friendly attitude of everyone we met was so wonderful. It was like being home away from home.

We stayed in a cute little beach house just steps from the ocean and the boardwalk,  lined nicely with cozy little shops and restaurants. The seafood was to die for being right on the ocean and enjoying a fresh catch may have been one of the highlights.

Not to mention the coming together of my family from all over the country. Spending some quality time with the little ones who aren’t so little anymore. We had a blast in the ocean getting smashed by huge waves and watching the surfers ride them out. What a change from the daily routine. And what a great way to relax and refresh the mind.

I had an all around fabulous weekend! I’m very happy to be back home though and hanging with you again as well as the valley’s greatest hits! 🙂


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