The “Charlie Experience” v.8: Your Dream Vehicle

Everyone has a dream vehicle.  It is the vehicle that you wish you had.  That you could some day work really hard and own. That vehicle that looks so nice on the outside that people look at it and say “WOW!”.

That vehicle that when you’re in it, its comfortable and clean.  And when you own this vehicle, you clean it, take it out to special occasions, and treat it with extra care.  You put the best fuel in it and you watch what it needs.  When it needs service, you bring it in and get it looked at and make sure it runs for as long as it can.

You do everything you can to make sure it looks young and new and just like it did back in the day.  Or maybe it’s a newer vehicle you have in mind.  You are going to do whatever it takes to make sure it keeps that look.

If you thought I was talking about a car…you’re wrong.

I’m talking about your body.  Your BODY should be your dream vehicle!  I think we take better care of our cars than our bodies!

Do you go to the doctor for a check up every year?  I know you make sure you get the oil changed on your car a few times a year!  Why not your body?

I know that you put gas in your car to make sure it starts and runs. Do you have breakfast?  DO you put good fuel in your body to make sure you run?

And how about this, you know it’s probably bad to put sugar in your gas tank of your car, right?  So you don’t do it. YOU KNOW there are some things you put in your body that are not good for it, BUT YOU STILL DO IT!

I have been living like this for too long!  What I’m getting at is at some point I had to look at myself and decide to make a change.  I am going to start taking care of myself MORE, and with a little more attention.

At least more attention than what I put in my car.  Heck, my car got new tires, an oil change and the fluids replaced this year.  The best I can say for me earlier is , I didn’t do a thing for my body!  That all changed in June with my whole “60” point of view.

I have been to the doctor for a check up, blood work, and I am working on my “diet” (I don’t like that word but I will use it in the context of the FOOD I am eating) and my exercise.

This is on me. I have to make the changes. I am working on them everyday.

Some days are better than others, and some days really suck. The bottom line is sticking with it and not giving up.

How are you doing on your “Experience”?  Is it hard?  Are you working on your “dream vehicle”?

I can’t wait to get to mine.  I know what that will look like and feel like too.  I hope you are working on your dream vehicle too!

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