If you’re looking for something to do over the Labor Day weekend, head to the movies!  Here’s the info and trailers for you…

“One Direction: This is Us”  (PG)

Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis tell the story of how they rose to fame.  It includes footage of their hometown, their competing on Britain’s “X Factor”, and ultimately spreading the One Direction infection to teenage girls around the world.  It’s directed by Morgan Spurlock, the guy who did “Super Size Me”.

“Closed Circuit” (R)

Eric Bana is defending a guy accused of setting off an explosion in London in this suspense thriller.  The classified evidence the government’s using is beyond his security clearance, so the court appoints a Special Advocate to review that evidence.

She’s played by Rebecca Hall . . . and once she sees the evidence, she’s not allowed to communicate with the client or the rest of the defense team.  Which kinda sucks once Bana becomes convinced there’s a conspiracy surrounding the case.

“Getaway” (PG-13)

Ethan Hawke plays a former race car driver forced to steal a car and commit other crimes after his wife is kidnapped.  Selena Gomez is the owner of the high-tech Mustang he steals, and Jon Voight is the guy pulling their strings.

They have to follow his instructions and can’t get out of the car or someone dies.  They also can’t let themselves get caught by the cops who are in hot pursuit.  “All My Children’s” Rebecca Budig plays Ethan’s kidnapped wife.


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