As I progress through this entire “Experience”, I am discovering that I need a plan. I can’t just “wing it” all the time. That’s when I have the potential to make some bad decisions. Food or exercise included. In order for me to stick with this, I must have a plan. My plan is everything from taking charge of my body, to food, and exercise. Here is a 30,000 foot view of what I have going on. Maybe it can help you, or at least steer you in a direction.


I do all of the grocery shopping for the family. I know my kids are not going to eat what my wife and I are eating, so I still shop according to their needs too. That means Fruity Pebbles still find their way in the art, just not my belly! 🙂 So with that being said, I shop each Sunday morning (beats the crowds) and I walk in the store with a list of what I need for the week. Sandwich meat for lunches for the kids, veggies, fruits, you name it, I put it on the list. How do I start my list? I PLAN out the dinners for the week. Monday is Salmon, Tuesday is pork, Wednesday will be chicken, etc. What veggies do I want for those meals, and what kind of left-overs will I have. Those left overs go to work with me and my wife for a small lunch the next day. I also keep track of what I eat and when I eat it. This helps me understand what’s going in, so I can see my progress. I can say that since June when I started, my portion have gone down, and suprisingly…I’m not hungry! What a concept!


What is my work-out plan? It’s really simple. I walk. At least 4-5 times a week, sometimes more. I walk after work when the sun goes down and it’s not so hot. Weekdays, I walk a 3.2 mile route around my neighborhood. I do a short one during the week because of the long workday. During the weekend, I walk a 5 mile walk around the neighborhood. This week I have walked each day. I pushed myself to do it. It has been so easy to say, “Nah, not tonight, I’m tired.” I did it anyway. It was raining the past two nights and I went out with an umbrella. Screw it! It worked. I felt AMAZING after each walk. Not so much about the walk itself, but about pushing through the temptation to NOT walk and actually walking! That is the goal!


It’s hard to make THE CALL. The appointment. Ugh! Who wants to do it? No one! I gotta take off some time at work, then drive, fill out paperwork…YUCK! Like the walk, making the call and setting the appointment and going into the doctor’s office prepared with questions, AND asking him to repeat the answer in ENGLISH so I can understand, that’s not easy! YOU SHOULD DO IT! This is YOUR body! The most important VEHICLE you will ever own. You only get one. You ask for a “do-over”. You can only take the best care of this one. Have a plan. When you should go. Who you should see. Keep a file of everything. Mark up a calendar of who, what, where, and when. Heck, I called my doctor in Milwaukee who did my shoulder surgery back in 1987! They had my records and sent them to me! How KOOL is that?

Take control. Take charge and have a plan. The plan is going to change FOR SURE, but if you have NO plan, you will fail. Use football as the example. Each team has a game plan each week for their opponent. If they had NONE, they would get beat bad. Sometimes their plan changes in the 3rd quarter. Sometimes right away in the FIRST quarter! The plan changes and adjusts. We can do the same with our plans, but MAKE some plans first. Stop, slow down, think, and start writing it down. Our lives are NOT that busy that we cannot take some time to think about what’s really important. My plans changed just typing this blog! 🙂 Happy planning. How can I help you today?


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